How to choose a topic

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First off all don't choose a topic How to make money.It is a very big mistake for a new blogger.If you want to earn money there is so many idea in internet.Always it is a bad idea to choose a topic where you have no experience on it. Always think what is the best topic for you some think that hold your interest because of that you always try to update and your visitor always visit your blog frequently. So at least you try to chose a topic that you have some interest to learning more.

Why the topic is so imp for you . All the successfully blog are not build in a overnight.You must know that all successfully blogger or blog has a certain topic that well written and update frequently so they attract visitor and get more traffic.Don't think what others doing and earning you have to keep patient to come traffic to your blog.

At last don't to build complex blog try to a simple blog that your own interest and when your blog get traffic attract visitor,then try to expand something more.
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Benefits of Blogging in Business.

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Blogging can done for any business it may be a small or big.There is so many benefits in blogging for a business.

Customers friendly.
Now a days everyone has to access to the internet. If you have advertise your blog to your customers. They will be able to contact you by simply leaving a comment and at the same time you can contact them directly.

Awareness about product.
Use your blog to advertise your product and services. As times goes by more people will likely to read your blog and know your business.

Search Engine Ranking.
Due to good quality of content, search engines can identify your blog and particularly focused in one subject the search engine appear in high result.

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Blogger or Wordpress

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Blogger is a free service by Google it is a only forms the client and platform part of the blog,the blog needs to be hosted on a server. Google host the blog at the site ( is also free to publish the blog on another server.It is also possible to blog from Google docs and spreadsheets.It is easily include Google Ad Sense to make money from blog.
You just need to sign up with offer two type of client one is classic another is updated.The updated client offers greater customization options compared to the classic one. after sign up next step is choose a templates and this can be changed later on .After the template selection, the blog is the blogger client allow to add a post.

wordpress. Like blogger wordpress is one of the most choice platform for professionals .it is a open source blogging platform.It is free hosted by development site is the blog platform is limited to the the free version.

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You need to sign up for a free account at After signing up and selecting a unique name for the blog, you are taken to the blog dashboard.there you can see so many activity that you can do it with the blog due to open source software,it gives experienced blogger to much more flexibility to customizing a blog.

At last if you a new comer or simply to publish your information to the world without hassling. then blogger .com is all for you and if you want to used for much more then just a simple online journal, then better to choose wordpress .
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choosing a better blogging platfrom and host.

How to choose a better blogging platform and host?

There is two kind of blog.One is free blog and another is premium blog.

Free blog:Both domain and hosting is free.No need of feature easy to set up. just choose your domain name and follow step step instruction.Mostly beginners use,blogspot, one of them.

premium blog: It has unlimited future.If you are a serious blogger forget free blog try this premium blog . Mostly wordpress .com is widely used.

choosing blog:before going to start a blog there is some basic feature are in a blogging platform.all the blogging platforms basically depends open two main aspect that money and know how.
above that there is some feature you need like.

1. page style it certainly look good for the reader. layout: inserting ads in right side of the blog.putting post in a good manner.try to avoid narrow post column and lot of scrolling. content: put a smaller version of the original image in the page, with a link to the large original image. a blog can be logged down by the number of comments posted by the visitors.A page containing a two sentence post followed by 50 comment will take to too much to take to load. a page containing 10 post will not only take to time to load but also it will increase the time taken to dig or comment to the interesting post. Try to one page per post.
4.Font : font should be large enough so that the visitors don't have to squint to read the content.Font colors for normal text and links should be such as to allow sufficient contract with the background.
5.visitor aids: visitors should have easy access to a links to bookmark the blog.They should also be given a chance to subscribe to the blogs feeds so that they can remain updated about changes to it. Easy assess to previous posts.A search box is also needed.
6.blogroll: inking to the other blog to describe the other blog in the blogging world.
7.about me: a about me page offering information about the blogger.

Besides features there is so many support system.

1. range of template options: the template controls the page color page lay out, and font characteristics.
2. Easy template modification;blogger should have little bit knowledge about HTML/CSS.That to tweak the code to a create a new layout.

3.ease layout modification:The position of the various item on the page--- calender,search box,comment box,blogroll etc....
4. comment regulation:it means that only approved comment buy the blogger are displayed.
5. ease uploading pictures: it is much easier to describe the fun of a picnic with the picture rather then a page full of verbosity.
6. Tagging: help to visitors get to relevant posts fast.
7.RSS/ATOM feed: its allows visitors to be updated of changes with out visiting the site.
8:pinging blog:tracking sites are pinged with every new post,they will nor turn up in search results.

At lastly a professionally blogger should know the basic coding language.In case if you are beginner better to use a free platform with free web host. and go for it................

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Blogging platform

Blogging platform is the core of the blog's structure.All aspect about the post in the blog control by the platform starting from the looks, the page color,and layout. and mainly hoe the post can be stored.The blogging platform can use only when blogger is online.

There is so many blogging platforms.Each have some advantage and disadvantage.The popular platform are Blogger,Wordpress,Livejournal,Blogsmith, Moveable Type, Gawker.

Of these,Wordpress and Moveable type are freely down loadable Moveable Type is not hosted and Blogger is widely used by the new comer blogger or a beginner.Choosing a blogging platform and a host depend open the feature constitute like font characteristics,page style,page layout,Page content,visitor aids, blog roll etc.

Jargon Buster

Before starting a blog some of the blogging words used in the blogspare.

Blog,Blogging,Blogger:To write a entry into a blog.The person doing the blog is called blogger.

Blogosphere: The blog community in the internet world.

Post:Every entry to the blog is called post.

Blog roll:Bloggers including link to other blog that they regularly visit in the blog.

Vblog: The blog or post including a video video clips.

Podcast/Audiocast:A blog where the post are audio format that you can be listen to.

Rss: Rich site summary,It is a format that blogger can use for frequently updated works.The blogger can generate RSS feed for every post.which is a document created in XML.People desirous of being informed need to subscribe to the RSS feed.The RSS feed can be read using software like RSS reader or feed reader.

Permalink: A blog can contain many post. a permalink refers to the URL that points to a particular post.Having a permalink allows direct access to a post , rather than a page.

Bookmarking: book mark is storing the URL as a link.Book marking sites allow you to keep your favorites sites online so that it is accessible from any place.

Social Networking:Simple put,making new acquaintances and keeping in touch with existing ones.

CMS:Short for content mangement system. it is just like a document management system that used for mainly digital bulletin board dealing with image file,electronics document. and web content.With out this it it is impossible for a blogger or web administrator to make modification to the web page.

Pinging:Informing to a server that track your blogs about changes to a blog.Blog tracking sites like,, its update their listing every time a ping is received, so visiters to such sites can have access to the freshest blog posts.

API: short for application programming interface.The interface offers clues to what this refers to .it is a set of routines with two programs can interact.

why blogging

Why to start a blog. It can be more than just a person's story telling experience.Once a time the only people mainly celebrities and politician whose memories made them famous but now in the blogging platform has changed it is form a ordinary people like us to show our work stuff to the world.blogging is more static then website your keyword more findable in the world. you have easily relationship with blog due to comment you can ongoing relationship with your reader.quickly you can feed back for our work.

Blogging is a fantastic way to show your expertise in your field.Many people enjoying to writing and view blogging as as more as a public.They are simply write about there life and thing they were interested in.They simple enjoying sharing there ideas and experience. So must of the best blog are those written by people who are passionate about their subject matter.

Lastly the most Imp aspect of blogging is money making.How to earn money from your blog.Expert says blogging is one of the best way of earning method in the internet world.So keep watching....

all about blogging

Why blogging.Why you think to start a blog .It is the question sure in a beginners mind. It is just a up to date online journal that organized by date and category with the most recent post.Just log in write what happen today and post it and it is done.The main difference between blog and a website is in a blog people are interact with your contain and they can comment or views on your topic on your blog.

Blogging is just like a maintaining a diary,previously it used for mainly improve your language skill and handwriting.Its benefit was it was a record of ones daily activity, something that was read after year.Dairies can seen to intimate friend that who maintain them.

Now blog or just a (web log) is a online diary to public.It is basically news oriented,and there is no specific order to the content. so let's say your blog is about health you have to categories on your blog such as medicine, men's health, women's health skin care etc.Every time you have to write something new and blog the content is generally organized by dated article called "post"and they often display the most recent post at the top of your blog.Blog also convey message to the world when other sources are not available it also convey message in a more informal manner.

Till now there is no confirmed figure in regard to number of blog in the internet world.But from diary writing to a blogger there no ethic rule to follow. So if you are really serious to become a blogger wait for my next post.