How to create a blog

Creating your own blog is one of the those things every one wants to do,but not every one gives you leads to achievement to get the goal.Here I have narrowed some basic tools and techniques can very easier to start a blog.

1.First thing go to the site/click here
click on the CREATE A BLOG.
2.If you have a G mail. id click on the sign in first.
if you have have not Gmail id then create and .
3. sign with your G mail ID. sign for a blogger a.your e mail id b.your name c.give your
name that you want to display on theblog, on e mail notification and
accept the terms tab.
5.Name of your blog give a title and choose a address( that is you blog URL).
6.choose a template and continue for the first time later you can change any thing that you like. your blog is ready .click start blogging.
8.Yes this is a test blog so i gave the name is test blog under posting new post give title of the post and write any thing in the white dash board.after that click on the publish post.
9.your blog is published on the internet. you can view or edit the post or create a new one .
click on the view post to view your blog.
10.view the blog and sign out.
11. write the URL-- http://your blog on the address bar for looking for your blog and start blogging.