How to choose a topic

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First off all don't choose a topic How to make money.It is a very big mistake for a new blogger.If you want to earn money there is so many idea in internet.Always it is a bad idea to choose a topic where you have no experience on it. Always think what is the best topic for you some think that hold your interest because of that you always try to update and your visitor always visit your blog frequently. So at least you try to chose a topic that you have some interest to learning more.

Why the topic is so imp for you . All the successfully blog are not build in a overnight.You must know that all successfully blogger or blog has a certain topic that well written and update frequently so they attract visitor and get more traffic.Don't think what others doing and earning you have to keep patient to come traffic to your blog.

At last don't to build complex blog try to a simple blog that your own interest and when your blog get traffic attract visitor,then try to expand something more.
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