all about blogging

Why blogging.Why you think to start a blog .It is the question sure in a beginners mind. It is just a up to date online journal that organized by date and category with the most recent post.Just log in write what happen today and post it and it is done.The main difference between blog and a website is in a blog people are interact with your contain and they can comment or views on your topic on your blog.

Blogging is just like a maintaining a diary,previously it used for mainly improve your language skill and handwriting.Its benefit was it was a record of ones daily activity, something that was read after year.Dairies can seen to intimate friend that who maintain them.

Now blog or just a (web log) is a online diary to public.It is basically news oriented,and there is no specific order to the content. so let's say your blog is about health you have to categories on your blog such as medicine, men's health, women's health skin care etc.Every time you have to write something new and blog the content is generally organized by dated article called "post"and they often display the most recent post at the top of your blog.Blog also convey message to the world when other sources are not available it also convey message in a more informal manner.

Till now there is no confirmed figure in regard to number of blog in the internet world.But from diary writing to a blogger there no ethic rule to follow. So if you are really serious to become a blogger wait for my next post.


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