Jargon Buster

Before starting a blog some of the blogging words used in the blogspare.

Blog,Blogging,Blogger:To write a entry into a blog.The person doing the blog is called blogger.

Blogosphere: The blog community in the internet world.

Post:Every entry to the blog is called post.

Blog roll:Bloggers including link to other blog that they regularly visit in the blog.

Vblog: The blog or post including a video video clips.

Podcast/Audiocast:A blog where the post are audio format that you can be listen to.

Rss: Rich site summary,It is a format that blogger can use for frequently updated works.The blogger can generate RSS feed for every post.which is a document created in XML.People desirous of being informed need to subscribe to the RSS feed.The RSS feed can be read using software like RSS reader or feed reader.

Permalink: A blog can contain many post. a permalink refers to the URL that points to a particular post.Having a permalink allows direct access to a post , rather than a page.

Bookmarking: book mark is storing the URL as a link.Book marking sites allow you to keep your favorites sites online so that it is accessible from any place.

Social Networking:Simple put,making new acquaintances and keeping in touch with existing ones.

CMS:Short for content mangement system. it is just like a document management system that used for mainly digital bulletin board dealing with image file,electronics document. and web content.With out this it it is impossible for a blogger or web administrator to make modification to the web page.

Pinging:Informing to a server that track your blogs about changes to a blog.Blog tracking sites like,, its update their listing every time a ping is received, so visiters to such sites can have access to the freshest blog posts.

API: short for application programming interface.The interface offers clues to what this refers to .it is a set of routines with two programs can interact.


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