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Blogger is a free service by Google it is a only forms the client and platform part of the blog,the blog needs to be hosted on a server. Google host the blog at the site ( is also free to publish the blog on another server.It is also possible to blog from Google docs and spreadsheets.It is easily include Google Ad Sense to make money from blog.
You just need to sign up with offer two type of client one is classic another is updated.The updated client offers greater customization options compared to the classic one. after sign up next step is choose a templates and this can be changed later on .After the template selection, the blog is the blogger client allow to add a post.

wordpress. Like blogger wordpress is one of the most choice platform for professionals .it is a open source blogging platform.It is free hosted by development site is the blog platform is limited to the the free version.

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You need to sign up for a free account at After signing up and selecting a unique name for the blog, you are taken to the blog dashboard.there you can see so many activity that you can do it with the blog due to open source software,it gives experienced blogger to much more flexibility to customizing a blog.

At last if you a new comer or simply to publish your information to the world without hassling. then blogger .com is all for you and if you want to used for much more then just a simple online journal, then better to choose wordpress .
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