why blogging

Why to start a blog. It can be more than just a person's story telling experience.Once a time the only people mainly celebrities and politician whose memories made them famous but now in the blogging platform has changed it is form a ordinary people like us to show our work stuff to the world.blogging is more static then website your keyword more findable in the world. you have easily relationship with blog due to comment you can ongoing relationship with your reader.quickly you can feed back for our work.

Blogging is a fantastic way to show your expertise in your field.Many people enjoying to writing and view blogging as as more as a public.They are simply write about there life and thing they were interested in.They simple enjoying sharing there ideas and experience. So must of the best blog are those written by people who are passionate about their subject matter.

Lastly the most Imp aspect of blogging is money making.How to earn money from your blog.Expert says blogging is one of the best way of earning method in the internet world.So keep watching....


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